Le toit des Cévennes – VTT n°14The Roof of the Cévennes (by mountain-bike)


An overview is required at the Col de Salides. Between Aigoual, Cévennes and Causses a 360 ° panorama! The shaded valley of Tarnon is formed of old beech forests of the forest of Marquairès. At the Col de Salides, the view opens onto the emblematic landscapes of the Park. Farther on, the limestone plateau of the cane of L'Hospitalet, placed on the shale, is still grazed by the herds. MTB course n ° 14. From the village, this rolling course takes 4 km on the D 907, towards the Marquaires tunnel. Before the tunnel, turn right towards the forest house of Marquairès, and continue on the forest track to Gaseiral. Climb to the Salides pass by the road and take the ridge track on the left to Hospitalet (GR 7). About three kilometers further, take the track on the left that leads back to Rousses.

Technical information


22,8239 km


Dénivelé Positif985 m

Dénivelé Négatif985 m

Altitude Max750 m

Altitude Min1145 m

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48400 - ROUSSES

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