Guided Tours

Have fun learning! Take a guided tour!

Passionate about history? Or maybe just a tad bit curious about local heritage? Our tour guide will answer all of your questions! Whether you are looking to learn more about the 18th century French Protestant rebels “The Camisards”, wondering about the abandoned mine in the midst of the Cévennes, or wanting to explore the mysterious history of prehistoric menhirs on top of the Mount Lozère, you will be sure to find the guided tour that fits you best!

English speaking guided tours are for groups only, upon reservation.

Abandoned silver mine

Explore an abandoned silver mine!
Our tour guide, Mariette, will lead you through the ruins of the mine hidden in the midst of the forest; she will explain its history and show how silver was extracted in the 18th and 19th centuries.
150 years ago, the sounds of machines resonated through the valley. Today, all that can be heard among the ancient walls are bird songs and the gentle murmur of the river.

You can also explore the Bocard mine on your own! Just follow the Cévennes National Park’s discovery trail !

In the footsteps of the Camisards, Pont de Montvert

All is calm and quiet at Pont de Montvert: streets paved with stone, charming old houses, the magnificent Mount Lozère in the background… But that has not always been the case! Learn about the ruthless Abbot of Chaila and the story of his incredible murder, be transported back in time when the village was filled with animal flocks and merchant cries, explore local history through the marks that have been left on the walls and in the landscapes.

Mysterious menhirs

On top of Mount Lozère, surrounded by magnificent landscapes, tall stones stand, erected by our ancestors during the Neolithic period. Mariette, our tour guide, invites you to explore these menhirs and try to understand the why’s and the how’s behind their placements.

Explore the mysterious menhirs at dusk. Reserve the nocturnal visit!


Génolhac: 1000 years of history

Explore the charming French village of Génolhac, built at the foot of Mount Lozère. Take a stroll along its narrow streets and discover the marks of history on its ancient walls. Together with Mariette, a professional tour guide, you will discover the everyday lives of commoners who inhabited this village 1000 years ago. You will learn about the War of the Camisards, the historical pilgrimage route – the Regordane Way, and the magnificent houses of the local nobility.

Saint Privat de Vallongue : a profound bond between man and nature

Put on your hiking shoes and discover the Cévennes from a different angle!
Close your eyes: listen and feel the surrounding environment. Open your eyes: observe and analyze the landscape. What is the Cévennes? Together with a tour guide you will explore the profound bond between man and nature. For centuries, men had to learn how to adapt to the surrounding environment. Take a moment to learn about the local ecosystems and how locals survived in the unpredictable climate of the mountains. The guided tour ends at the ruins of an ancient medieval castle: the castle of Bellegarde.

The medieval castle of Portes

Explore the medieval castle of Portes, also known as “the Flagship of the Cévennes”, through the lens of history. Together with Mariette, a professional tour guide, you will witness the architectural breach between the Medieval and Renaissance periods. You will also learn about the fascinating life of the powerful marquise of Portes – Marie-Felice de Portes.

You can also visit the castle individually. For individual visits, contact the castle at: (+33)4 66 54 92 05

Each guided tour lasts 2 hours. The tours are accessible to all, 6 years old and on.
Price: 12€ per adult, € per child (6 to 17 years old)
Guided tours in English are available for groups only and on a reservation basis.
Reserve by contacting Ms. Mariette Emile, our professional tour guide.