Sustainable tourism

ACCUEIL Practical Sustainable tourism

A tourism respectful of the land, of the planet, of human being…

What is ecotourism?

Ecotourism can be practiced in protected areas (national parks, regional parks, biosphere zones, …). It is a way of welcoming tourists that combines economic development and preservation of the environment. Quality of human relationship is combined with environmental awareness. A company that is engaged in ecotourism is economically viable and respectful of the environment.

Cévennes ecotourism :

An association made up of professionals living in the Cévennes National Park and that are engaged together in order to make tourism progress while respecting the natural and cultural environment of the Cévennes.

“Esprit Parc National des Cévennes” brand :

This brand highlights products developed through eco-friendly practices concerning the natural and cultural heritages of the national parks. These products form part of a sustainable development process. You therefore choose products/services that are respectful of the environment and that participate to the protection of the ecosystems.