Natural Landmarks

The Cévennes and the Mount Lozère – hidden natural treasures

The highest point of the Mount Lozère is the Pic Finiels, which stands at 1 699 m above sea level. However, the Mount Lozère extends from the “Causse de Sauveterre” to Villefort and from Pont-de-Montvert to Le Bleymard. Come and discover our vast granite landscapes with rich architectural heritage fashioned by the hands of men. You can also explore the river Tarn that takes its source on the southern flank of the Mount Lozère.

The Cévennes mountain range combines the ambiance of harsh mountains with the gentle climate of the Mediterranean. In the Cévennes you can explore both the magnificent panoramic views from the mountain tops and the turquoise waters of the creeks and rivers that run through the valleys.

Come explore the unique landscapes of our territory and their rich history.

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