Swimming Spots

Swimming spots between the Cévennes and the Mount Lozère

Summer holidays are made for basking under the sun by the water. Numerous rivers and mountain streams run through the Cévennes and the Mount Lozère. What is more pleasant than to spread your towel by crystal clear waters of our rivers? Whether exploring the Tarn or the Gardon, don’t hesitate to walk along their banks as you will be sure to find just the perfect natural pool surrounded by shade-giving trees. Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses, water bottle and a good book as you search for that swimming spot*!

*The water in the swimming spots cited below is tested on a regular basis. For the most part, these areas are not supervised by swimming guards, unless specified otherwise.

Supervised swimming area, Pont de Montvert ©OTCML

The Tarn at Pont de Montvert

In the town of Pont de Montvert you will find two swimming spots : the supervised swimming area under the stone bridge, ideal for families (supervision only in the summer), and the Oule swimming hole (Gouffre de l’Oule in French), in a more natural setting, 500 meters from town, on the road to Vialas (it can be accessed by a staircase that descends from the road). You are going to love these natural swimming spots, surrounded by impressive granite rocks! Parking is possible in town.

Gardon Sainte Croix at Martinet ©OTCML

The Gardon Sainte Croix at Martinet

At the Gardon Sainte Croix, just a few minutes away from Saint Etienne Vallée Française, you will find numerous natural pools of incredible beauty! This swimming spot is very easy to access as it is only 1,5 km away from town. Take the road to Saint Jean du Gard and park your car on a parking lot under the trees, next to a restaurant. You can access the river right from the parking lot.

/!\ CAUTION /!\ The town hall of Saint Etienne Vallée Française has blocked access to the Martinet waterfall via the walking path, due to security issues. You can still access the waterfall by walking in water or on the river banks.

Sainte Croix Vallée Française ©Thierry Vezon

The Gardon river banks at Sainte Croix Vallée Française

Enjoy the fresh waters of the Gardon that flow right through the centre of a lovely little town Sainte Croix Vallée Française. The rivers banks are easily accessible from downtown, just a few minutes away from parking lots and local shops. You will certainly enjoy taking a refreshing pause in the midst of the Cévennes valleys!

La Planche ©A.Zele – Lozere Tourisme

La Planche

The swimming spot La Planche is easily accessible from Vialas, whether you are traveling by foot or by car. Just spread your towel on grass or the huge granite blocks surrounding the river Luech and enjoy the refreshing coolness of La Planche’s natural pools! You will find numerous picnic tables surrounding this swimming spot as well as dry ecological toilets right by the small parking lot. Animals are not allowed.

Camboux lake ©base nautique des Camboux

Camboux Lake

Spend the day swimming at the Camboux lake that is a mere 10 minute drive from Collet de Dèze, and a 30 minute drive from Alès! You will enjoy the lake’s numerous beaches as well as its aquatic park, where you will be able to rent canoes, pedal boats and stand up paddle boards. Numerous picnic tables are placed around the lake for a relaxed afternoon picnic. And don’t forget to take advantage of the snack stand where you’ll be able to buy refreshing drinks and ice cream.

Our pools

> Pool at the Saint Privat holiday village at Saint Privat de Vallongue (paid entrance, except for residents)

> Pool at the Serre de la Can holiday village at Saint Germain de Calberte (paid entrance, except for residents)

> Le Bleymard public pool (free entrance)

> Ispagnac public pool (paid entrance)