Trekking & Backpacking

Magnificent hiking, trekking and backpacking trails.
Travel by foot for a complete outdoor experience.

Explore our Backpacking Trails, that stretch across the heart of the Cevennes National Park. Our numerous marked hiking trails will have you discover imposing mountains and magnificent landscapes. Adventure for days across the low valleys and high mountain tops of the Cevennes and Mount Lozere! Take the time to immerse yourself into the great wilderness of our mountains!

Backpacking and trekking are the new and slow ways of discovering the great outdoors. Take the time to contemplate the beauty of natural scenery and meet others on your path. Dare to take it slow and experience your holidays at the speed of your footsteps. Dare to disconnect yourself from the rush of daily life.

Numerous backpacking trails cross our mountain ranges, you can discover them down below.

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