Cevennes Valleys

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Discover the cévenol way of life and the mild climate.

Mainly made of schist, the Cévennes offer a varied terrain composed of straps and parallel ridges named “serres” which get on top of large and steep slopes. The Cévennes valleys stretch from 250 to 1000 feet and are characterised by several flowing water streams which give schist with a little luck.

The Cévennes are under the influence of a Mediterranean climate and its sunlight but the diversity of altitude fathers a vast number of microclimates. Winter can be harsh, summers can be hot and dry, whereas off-seasons and mainly autumn are the scene of “épisodes cévenols”, which are a climatic event resulting in severe storms and flooding in valley bottom villages.

The mild climate of the southern valleys enables the growing of fruits and vegetables. Several hydraulic structures related to water management are inseparable from the crops.