The Camisard Trail

A journey into the heart of the Cevennes valleys

The Camisard trails pass through numerous existent hiking trails; this allows for a certain flexibility in choosing your route. The trail “Exploring the country of Camisard forefathers”, in particular, can be adjusted to your desires and needs.

The word “Camisard” refers to Protestant rebels during the 18th century Wars of Religion in France, who fought for freedom of religion and speech. The Camisard movement came out of the Cevennes and the Camisard trails will lead you through the significant landmarks of their struggle. Discover first hand the historical context of this Protestant rebellion by exploring the land that gave birth to its emblematic figures. Beyond the profound history that has marked this region, the Camisard trails will lead you through the sparsely populated Cevennes valleys made out of schist, granite and chestnut groves.

Go on a French backpacking adventure and follow in the footsteps of young 18th century Protestant rebels. The Camisard hiking trails will have you discover their trials and tribulations, arrests and exiles, that took place in the beginning of the 18th century. Their courageous prison takeover and the ensuing events had started a bloody war between the Camisard resistance and the royal troops, that lasted for two years, between July 1702 and December 1704.

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