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This hike explores the old Mont Lozère mountain range, across broom heaths, on cobblestone paths, and through a landscape of evocatively shaped granite blocks, and especially a geological curiosity, the rocks of Trenze.

For experienced hikers. Considerable elevation gain. Steep section after the rocks of Trenze. Hike not to be undertaken in fog. Make sure your equipment is appropriate for the day’s weather conditions. Remember that the weather changes quickly in the mountains. Take enough water, wear sturdy shoes and put on a hat. Please close all gates and barriers behind you. Access to the ridges of the rocks of Trenze prohibited for mountain-bikes.

Technical information


Yellow PR

13,7918 km


Dénivelé Positif966 m

Dénivelé Négatif964 m

Altitude Max608 m

Altitude Min1413 m

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48220 - VIALAS

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