Saint Privat de Vallongue

Surrounded by the Longue valley, nestled between the town of Collet de Deze and the Jalcreste mountain peak, stands the small village of Saint Privat de Vallongue. Don’t hesitate to spend your holiday here and discover the slow life of the Cevennes.

Saint Privat de Vallongue, the heart of the Longue valley

The village is situated in the south-eastern part of the Lozere region, right in the heart of the valley that stretches out along the most northern part of the Cevennes. Saint Privat de Vallongue is traversed by RN 106, a major road that links Florac to Ales. Early 20th century, the village was also a stop along the railroad that linked Florac to Sainte Cecile d’Andorge.

Life in the village

Looking to stay in Saint Privat de Vallongue? Below you will find shops and services in the village:

> A multi-service shop (groceries, bar / coffee shop, fast-food) “Au comptoir de Béa”: +33(0)4 66 32 14 67
> Post office opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

History in the Cevennes

Discover the rich history of the Cevennes at the historical site of Champdomergue, not far from Saint Privat de Vallongue. Champdomergue was erected on September 9th, 2012 in order to commemorate the three resistance movements that took place in the Cevennes: the Protestant preachers and the Camisards, who fought for freedom of religion, and the Maquisards, who fought against German occupation.

Why this site? Because the field of Champdomergue witnessed several important historical events. It was here that, in 1701, a woman preacher, Françoise Brais, organized clandestine Protestant assemblies called “assemblies of the Desert”. She was later executed for having preached the Protestant faith to the masses. It was also on this field that, in 1702, the Protestant rebels known as the Camisards fought a bloody battle against the royal troops. In 1944, 28 Maquisards, who fought against fascism, hid in a farmhouse at Champdomergue in order to train for future combats.

A mountain holiday resort

Looking for peace and quiet during your holiday? Then the holiday resort of Saint Privat de Vallongue is the place for you! The resort is composed of 38 holiday homes, a bar and a reception hall. It is ideally situated in the upper part of the village, under the shade of a preserved chestnut grove.

The resort also owns a public swimming pool that is free of access to those renting a holiday home, and paid for other visitors.