Mas Camargues

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The name "Camargue" is surprising in these highlands! Is it linked to the transhumance that has always attracted the herds from the plains of Languedoc? Or is it a more precise reference to the Camargue headquarters of the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem, then of the Order of Malta? Whatever its origins, Mas Camargues is an agricultural estate of more than 100 hectares, which was very prosperous in the 17th century, and remained so until the eve of the Great War. Walking along this path, one plunges into the very special atmosphere of the Haut Tarn plain, for a journey through one of the emblematic landscapes of agropastoralism.
This farmhouse with its astonishing architecture is the starting point of a trail that plunges the walker into the very special atmosphere of the Haut Tarn plain.

Adapt your equipment to the climate, make sure you have good shoes, stay hydrated and do not damage nature (no rubbish and avoid picking flowers).

During the summer, shepherds use guard dogs to defend their flocks. In their presence, stop until they have spotted you. Remain calm, do not threaten them, do not pet them and keep your distance from the herd. Horse riding and mountain biking are not permitted or suitable on the interpretation trails.

Technical information

Very Easy

Interpretive Trail

3,0945 km


Dénivelé Positif82 m

Dénivelé Négatif81 m

Altitude Max1347 m

Altitude Min1402 m

Hiking Form

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