Sentier de Barre-des-Cévennes

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Sheltered by the Castelas, Barre-des-Cévennes aligns its facades with an urban model reminiscent of its rich and lively village history. Indeed, the village, which is at the hinge of two different and complementary areas, controls one of the busiest passages between low and high Cevennes. The path leads the walker from the fountains to the gardens, from the temple to the church, to the old fairs and then to the heights, to enjoy an exceptional panorama of the landscapes of the Cévennes National Park. This trail offers a discovery of Barre-des-Cévennes in different aspects, alleys of the old village to remarkable panoramic views.

Technical information

Very Easy

Interpretive Trail

3,63 km


Dénivelé Positif195 m

Dénivelé Négatif196 m

Altitude Max904 m

Altitude Min1011 m

Hiking Form

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