Saint Germain de Calberte

Discover the picturesque village of Saint Germain de Calberte and its medieval quarters! Get lost in the narrow alleys that serpent between ancient walls and pass under old arches. Let your eyes explore the facades of Saint Germain: some restored, others – still standing since the middle ages!

Image 0 : Plan de village : Saint Germain de Calberte

Top 5 things to do in Saint Germain de Calberte

> Take a stroll through the medieval quarters of the village.
> Listen to contemporary and classical music at the festival “Chahut! Musiques en Cévennes”.
> Discover local produce and handicrafts at the farmers’ market that takes place every Saturday, in July and August.
> Taste local chestnuts at the traditional Chestnut Festival, on the last weekend of October.
> Take a hike along the Roc de Galta trail and admire the magnificent views of the Cevennes valleys.

Local Life

Planning on making a stop in Saint Germain de Calberte? Or, would you like to spend the holidays in the area? Download our village map, full of practical information.

Hiking in the area

Looking to get back in touch with nature? Want to discover the magnificent views of the Cevennes? Here you will find hiking trails around Saint Germain de Calberte:

Mulet Grisou hiking trail

Walk in the steps of Grisou, an old mule with sturdy hooves who walked up and down the trails of the valley for 20 years.

Rocs de Galta hiking trail

Discover a trail that serpents its way amidst the naked shale rocks and enjoy magnificent views of the valleys, mount Aigoual and mount Lozere.

Flandonenque hiking trail

Hike along clear water creeks, under the shade of the trees and discover the authentic architecture of local hamlets.