Florac, une source dans la ville


A short walk to discover the old neighborhoods of Florac, a village built at the conjunction of four rivers (Vibron, Tarnon, Mimente, Tarn) and several historical communication axes: draille (paths formerly used by transhumant herds) and royal roads between Languedoc and Auvergne ... Upstream of the village, the source of the Pêcher mysteriously gushes from the Méjean causse through a large scree. From alleys to small squares, the route crosses the city of Florac to reach a superb circus of greenery at the source of "Pesquié".

Technical information

Very Easy

Interpretive Trail

2,3757 km


Dénivelé Positif75 m

Dénivelé Négatif75 m

Altitude Max538 m

Altitude Min574 m

Hiking Form

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